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Ableton Script Colors for Livid Base

Hi guys! Is it possible to change the stock colors of the Ableton Script for the Livid Base? If so, can anyone please tell me how? Thanks!


  • Are you on mac or PC?

    Either way you need to find the MIDI remote scripts folder. For Mac right click the Ableton icon > show package contents > app-resources > midi remote scritps > Livid Base.

    Right click the then open with a text editing software. I recommend text wrangler because it keeps track of python syntax.

    You'll see all the mappings in this file. There is a 7 digit list that you can edit to change the color mappings where it says "color_map =". Play with it and read the comments around it.

    Remember anytime you make a change to save and delete the corresponding .pyc file, then quit and re-open ableton. Ableton compiles all the .py files into .pyc files each time it opens, unless there is already a .pyc file, then it assumes its already done it.

  • Thanks for outlining these steps, Mark.

    Would it be possible to customize LED feedback on the buttons of the Base in User Mode via the script? For example, say I want the left 4x4 columns of buttons to be one set of colors and I want the right 4x4 grid to be a different set of colors, but for both sets, I want them to change color when the pad is hit. In my case, the left side is FX (beat repeats, etc) and the right side is for performance (drum pad, sampler, etc).

    Is it feasible to do this?
  • And how, if so? ;D

  • Thank you Mark!

  • I know its possible, but its beyond my skill.. Its been discussed in this forum before, perhaps you can dig up a post.

    This first link on this search looks promising, not sure about the feedback tho.

  • @xavierpl You're welcome! I've just started dabbling in the scripts myself, it was a pleasure to be able to share what I've learned so far.

  • Good find, Mark, I think this might be what I need to get in the right direction. Thanks!

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