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Base Ableton Script Follow Light is Off on step sequencer

Hi kids! I seem to have an issue regarding The Ableton Live 9 Script for my Livid Base, the "follow" light for the step sequencer does not appear any more and i can´t figure out how to activate it. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!



  • Make sure "Track" and "Remote" are checked for your Base's output ports in Ableton's MIDI might need to restart Live, I've had some weirdness with this in the past.  Let me know if that does the trick ;)


  • I'm having the same issue since I've gotten my base i haunt been able to get the follow light on i have 9.1 and I've made sure track and remote are on any other ideas?

  • Make sure you have a drum rack on a midi track. Then add a blank clip and play the clip.

    If you have all that going, I usually hold the shift button and tap the top left touch button. If its still not going hold shift and press the next touch button to the right.

  • thanks mark i have tried everything you said and i still get nothing.

  • Are you using the most current Live version?  (9.12)

  • edited May 2014

    its working now i took out the bases script then re installed it and restoarted my computer that fixed it!

  • Sweet!  Glad you got it working :)

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