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DIY MIDI controller; some questions

edited April 2014 in Software Discussion

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to design a DIY MIDI controller that will have: an 5x4 arcade button matrix for launching clips and scenes in Ableton Live, 4x1 buttons for arming channels, 4x1 buttons for soloing channels, 1 "stop all clips" button, 4 channel level sliders + 1 master, 1 crossfader slider, 8 potenciometers for fx. I want to add 1 encoder to control the tempo, 4 up / down / left / right buttons to move a clip launching "redbox" (like the one you get when you use Akai's APCs for example). If I'll add the said buttons I can reduce the clip launching matrix to 3x4 instead of 5x4. Another thing I might add is 1 / 2 buttons to switch between presets (if possible).

And now for the questions,
1) Is it possible to use an endless encoder with the Brain V1 (I already ordered one)? And if so, can I automatically map it to Ableton?
2) Does anybody know of a remote script the allows for clip launching in Ableton Live? I found 1 but it only shows the red box and I can't move it around and can't launch clips.
3) Is it possible to switch between presets in the Brain V1? meaning, preset 1 sends a certain cc number for button X and preset 2 sends a different one etc.
4) Is there a way to automatically map a crossfader via some remote script or another way.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the long post and my broken English :)


  • 1) You'll need a brain v2 for the encoder. In general it should be easier to make the whole project with a brain v2 and the configuration software is much better.

    2) Which version of Ableton are you using?

    3) There is no preset switching built into the brain v1 or v2, but there are software options to achieve this behavior.

    4) You can easily midi learn the cross fader, the same way you would a volume fader.

    Your English is fantastic!

  • Thanks for the quick comment!
    1) I'll be using the V1 since I already ordered one. 

    2) I'm using Ableton 9.0.6

    3) Can you give me an example of a software solution to my problem?

    4) I knew I can midi learn, What I'm looking for is a permanent solution such as remote scripting or something similar. 

    Thanks again!
  • I know both of these links, and both of them aren't relevant to Live 9 (I tried them). The first one if for Live 7 and then second is for 8. Thanks a lot though!

    Unfortunately, the guy who did this (and has also made an online app that creates scripts for Live 8) has quit. I manged to see the redbox but I can't control it and can't launch clips. 

    Does anyone know of some way I can send MIDI notes through my keyboard (pc keyboard)? This way I can rule out my MIDI controller as the problem.

    And again, Thanks a lot!    
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