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Can't save Brain Jr. configurations

edited April 2014 in Software Discussion

Hi everyone,

Im having trouble saving my Brain Jr. configurations...When I click "Save to file," nothing happens. I choose the folder I want to save it to, but when I try to open the saved configuration, its not there. 

Does the Brain Jr. Configure application save settings as a new file? or does the "Save to file" button only save to an existing .lmd file? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!



  • It creates a new .lmd each time. It sounds like the .lmd is saving correctly right?

    You are having a problem loading the .lmd I think?
    Try loading the file a couple of times. for what ever reason it can be glitchy. You can also try loading file, it will load blank, then press send to brain, then press fetch settings. Sometimes this works for me.

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