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OHM64 Led Map to Velocity override (common problem)?

edited April 2014 in Hardware


I've seen a few other posts on here, but they are a couple years old, and I'm hoping a work around has been figured out.

I am running Ableton Live 8. I do NOT have Max for live.

I am color blind, and so I was very excited when I was able to design my own layout for the LED colors on the OHM. I used the editor, and got my columns all set up the way I like, but, when I go to turn an effect on/off, the buttons don't return to the colors I assigned. Instead, the buttons go blank, because the new velocity is 0. 

I understand I can change the color of 0 velocity, but I want some buttons to return to yellow, some blue, etc. 

How do I do this? It seems so simple, and it seems like this would be an obvious selling point of the OHM, so I'm sure it can be done...?


  • I posted this in your other thread also:

    Currently you cannot have local control any color you want for each button.

    You can have local control for the entire controller in any color you want.

    Or you can have each button any color you want without using local control. (always on)

    We are working to add the functionality you are requesting! Check back in the coming months.

  • Hey Mark!

    Great thanks, new to the forums, didn't realize that I would be bumping that other thread to the top. Me dum. 

    Can I ask then...what is the point of having the value scaled velocity? Wouldn't 99% of the people using the buttons be using them for on/off type functionality, where it would just be 0 or 127? Maybe this isn't an issue with other software, and Ableton is alone in mapping on - 0 and off - 127 all the time, but I'm just a little confused what the point of having the 7 possible shades is anyway.

    Thanks again! the ohm still rules and i'm extremely excited about finally getting one!
  • The velocity ranges come into play on products like the BASE where the drum pads are velocity sensitive, so the pads can show the color for how hard their being pressed.

    Welcome to Livid! :)

  • ok that makes a lot more sense. thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

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