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Using Base w/ Live Remote Script and Code as regular midi controller (no remote script)

edited April 2014 in Hardware

HI all, first time poster here.

I have both a Livid Base and Code.  I like the way the Ableton Live remote script works for the Base. But for the Code, I want to be able simply map the Code to various Live controls - channel vols, sends, device params - using my own layout, not using the Code's Live remote script. But when i have both devices plugged in, the remote scripts seem to break. Whenever I have the two devices plugged in, and the "remote" check boxes checked in MIDI preferences (I've tried various track/remote configurations), the bottom pads on the Base control track mute buttons rather than clip launching.  

I have seen Livid's youtube demo videos that suggest that one can use many Livid devices at once. But does that require require that both devices use Remote Script? Are they using the same script?  This is bumming me out - I already have a good way to launch clips via the Base and i just want to use the Code as a bank of freely assignable knobs.  

any advice is appreciated, thanks!


  • Just realized that I can change the channel sent by the Code, which is working for now. Some times you get in too deep to see the simple solution :)

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