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Bitwig and Base

edited April 2014 in Software Discussion

Does anyone else have the problem that the Parameters don't get picked up/ send over to Base?

The colored codings on the knobs inside Bitwig don't even show.
I have to reload the device to get them to show and get linked.
Bitwig 1.0.6

For the rest; there's lots of crashing.
Think/hope Base's script doesn't have to do anything with it.



  • I've never experienced a crash in BW that was due to the way a script was written (although, I have had some hangs, that's a good indication of a problem with OUR code).  I've had crashes due to bugs in API objects on their end, though, so it's possible you've found one of those.  If you have some specific situations where you can reproduce a crash, please let BW and us know the details.

    I'll check with the latest version to make sure Parameters are working and get back to you....I've seen some weirdness with them before, but I won't have time to look at it until tomorrow.


  • I am having another problem when i try the Base with the Bitwig demo. Pressing anything on the base will except for the function also generate midi note data to example a synthesizer track. Pressing the bank buttons to the right will trigger the synth with midi note data, launching clips will trigger the synth track with midi note data. Using the Base drumpads as a keyboard will generate double midi data...

    So it seems, except for taking it as a remote script unit it is treating everything the Base sends as a keyboard input as well. How can i remedy this?

  • I dont have that problem either.

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