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Ableton Script not working for Base under win 7

edited April 2014 in Software Discussion

OK. I little help would be appreciated.

I have the latest version of Live and up-to-date Firmware on Base.

Downloaded the script package for Live 9.1 and installed to correct midi scripts folder.

Enabled Base as control surface in Midi Preferences , including Track and Remote switches for input and output

It shows up in the drop down list of midi scripts, so I know that's in the right place, but ....nothing

I've downloaded, installed and deleted the script app a few times so I can rule out a dodgy download,

And I know that this unit IS capable of Live mode , because I got it up and running on my MacBook, no problem!

I'm officially out of ideas and am scratching my head. Over to you, good forum people!



  • I'd need to see a copy of your log.txt in order to sort this out.

    Most probably, you're using incompatible versions of Live/Script.  Ableton recently updated to 9.12, please make sure you're using the most current version and redownload the 9.12 scripts from our downloads page and reinstall them in case you haven't done this already.  

    If that's not the issue, I'll be able to tell what the problem actually is by looking at your log.  I've sent you a pm with my email addy so you can send it to me, and here's information on where it's located:


  • Thanks for providing that.  It seems like the installer didn't get packaged right for Windows, Pete has repackaged and changed the link in our downloads page.  Please try re-downloading the installer and trying again, and sorry for the inconvenience.  


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