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Traktor Mapping Ohm 64.

edited April 2014 in Software Discussion

Hey I made a traktor mapping for ohm 64.

Basically I reverse engineered Robert Vela's design to create something I prefer.

I was inspired to create this after watching dj techtools effects techniques
I wanted to open up the effects so that they can be used independently.

Also I'm not a big fan of using samples. Especially with the midi restrictions traktor has placed on the remix decks so ive opted for 3decks/1remix deck.

Most of the controls are on the surface. However half of the effects and some other features require you to use a shift button. It should be pretty intuitive to understand by looking at the diagram and playing around with it.

to use this mapping
  • enable A, B and D as track decks, C as a remix deck.
  • enable 4 FX units
  • import the tsi file. Open pref/control manager/Add/Import TSI/Import Other, you know the steps...
I own an ohm64. So if you own a ohm RGB the colours may be a little weird.

you can download from my google drive here.

attached are the :
-image of layout
-image of ohm64 midi values in case you want to edit it yourself, as the traktor control manager is a nightmare and having this makes it easier to configure. 

should livid like this layout, feel free to host it and edit some of the colour values for the RGB cause I don't know how long I will keep it in my drive.



  • I just found of traktor have opened up the mapping for the remix decks. I'm just playing around with the functionality atm.

    This one is gonna take some time to figure out. But im working on it :)
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