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BASE drum pad LED issue

edited April 2014 in Hardware

I cannot seem to program any colors into the drums pad in the BASE LED editor. I click on the RGB buttons and nothing happens.  Can you confirm this on your end?  I'm using Google Chrome and the online editor.



  • Does the GUI for the BASE load up after you select "controls" or "BASE(controls)" from the drop down?

    Which firmware are you using?

  • edited April 2014

    Yes.  I select "controls".  I can edit everything else it seems.  My firmware version looks to be

  • Update: I downloaded the offline version, which also didn't work. Until I unplugged and plugged the Base back into the computer. Now even the online version works, however as soon as a pad is struck, the LED turns back off. Is this the intended behavior? If so, how do I keep the LED's on even after being struck?

  • If you have local control enabled, it will overwrite the assigned pad color when you press the pad. So you'll want to turn off local control to have the pads lit at all times.

  • I see!  Is there away to keep the pad lit, but still change when struck to indicate velocity, and afterwards return to the original chosen color?  Thanks Mark!

  • Not with the hardware by'd need a script or some piece of intermediary software to do this.  What software are you using it with?

  • Scripting is a bit out of my league at this time, unfortunatley. I'm using ableton live 9.

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