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My LED matrix seems very unreliable, help me understand what's going on...

edited March 2014 in Hardware


I'm using a Brain v.1 connected to a windows xp sp3 
I created a LED matrix of 4 colums x 8 rows (even if the 1st col has only 4 rows connected).

I assigned a mix of notes value and CCs in the Led Matrix map of Brain configure  (i.e. some leds responds to note ON and others to CC).

If I send test note (or CC) from the Brain Configure, the Led Matrix always behaves ok (i.e. the intended LED lights on).
When I finished the configuration I always click the "Save to Brain" button.

The problem:
Very often, when I restart the computer, it look like the matrix is "misunderstud" by the Brain: the LEDs of the column n. 2 respond to "notes" of col. n. 1, those of col 3 respond to notes of col #2, those of col. 4 respond to col 3, and the ones on the col #1 are turned on by notes of col. 4.

It looks like all the matrix has shifted down... I don't now how to explain... now what was the column 2 is the 1, and so on.

It looks like taht  at the initialisation time, the Brain started "numbering" the columns from the second column (so that it became the number one).

This happens very often but randomly: sometimes when I restart the computer the matrix is ok, more often it shows that problem.

I reconfigured the Brain a lot of time, but without solving the problem.

Now, I understand that my explanation isn't thatt's great, and my english is a mess... but if you can help me I'm more than willing to perform any test you should need, and to send you any other piece of information to try to understand and solve the problem.

many many thanks in advance!


p.s. The Analog Map (32 analog-in are active) and the buttons matrix (4 columns x 8 rows) work fine.

UPDATE: I just reconfigured the LED mapping using a different computer (running Vista) then I connected the Brain to the former one (the computer running XP and running my musicla software) but the problem is the same: this time the 3rd column become the 1st. :-(


  • Hi Moon,

    just filled the ticket #589636

    Thank you

  • edited April 2014

    Hallo again,

    just to let everyone know that the problem was in a bug found in the Brain v.1 firmware and was quikly solved uploading a new firmware sent to me by Justin (Livid) in few hours since the ticket was filed by me.

    Guys, the Livid help and support is really above any other support I ever met!!


  • Thank you! :)

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