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Servicing code1 encoders

edited March 2014 in Hardware

  I just got a used code 1, did all the updates and it's obvious I need to service some of the encoders by spraying them with fader lub.  The only problem is that I can't seem to be able to take off the encoder caps.  If I try wiggling them off, the whole encoder moves (i can see that when i take off a side panel) and it feels like something is going to break if I apply more force (I've taken caps off over types of harware without issues)   .  They are black with 4 vertical slits on silver shafts (the silver shafts seem to be more part of the cap than of the encoder.)

I have the impression that if I spray without removing the caps, the stuff isn't going to get anywhere...

Is there a trick? a solution? 





  • I usually take a small piece of cloth and wrap it tightly around the shaft under the cap, then pinch the slack so that you have a nice tight grip under the cap. Then I pull up and the cloth and pry my fingers under the cap at the same time. Just be sure to pull straight up!

    I've also seen people use a spludger (iphone tool) slide it under the cap and rotate it so that it lifts up on the cap.

  • Works great!  I guess I was just a bit to worried about ripping out the shaft...

  • (the caps are awfully tight! )

  • You should be worried about ribbing out the shafts! lol At least conscience of it.

  • Sprayed the knobs and now they all work great!  I'm very happy with this controller now.  But there is one detail, some of the knobs have a lot less physical resistance than others.  It doesn't really bother me but is there anything I can do about it?  Are those knobs more prone to braking down?

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