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Livid base send midi data but no sound

edited March 2014 in Hardware

Hey guys I'm a new livid base user in ableton, I notice when I'm using the keyboard mode with a synth, suddenly the sound stops for that track but the midi signals are still going to the DAW , after that I can't use any type of midi controller or my pc keyboard and have to close and open the project again, this only happens when Im using the Livid Base, I also got ableton push and this doesn't happens with it. 

I hope you scan help me with this. Thanks!


  • I realized this happens only with silenth1, I will do mores tests

  • Ok just realize, that when using base keyboard mode, when playing with sylenth1 plugin for some reason some pads changes some parameters and one of them changed a wave so that was that. 

  • Strange....the controller shouldn't be sending any CC's out unless you are in one of the User Modes.....let me know if you find out differently.


  • I'm still learning how to use it, but for example with massive plugin I don't have this issue at all. It seems it happens only with sylenth1. But I have to do more testing.

  • Hey marnuc.

    I have the same problem. It happens when I use Razor or some of the ensembles from Reaktor, aslo with the Arturia ARP2600V, and the Sylenth1, but not with Massive or all the built-in instruments in Ableton since thats the DAW I use. What happens is that when I play some of the Base controller pads they start changing the parameter values from the VST, sometimes after that the synth stops doing any sound.

    What I have to do when that happens, is switch to my Maschine so I can play the pads as a piano keyboard without messing with the synth values.
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