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edited March 2014 in Hardware

Hi there Folks,

Is there a manual anywhere for the Base? I'm sure there must be, but I can't find any link on the website, or any evidence of it through google. Now I've read through the controller editor wiki and it is helpful up to a point, but it doesn't address the functionallity that is specific to the unit. For example, I am trying to figure out:

How does the second midi channel on the base function (I can see it in my Daw, can I edit it? Is it a whole second controller map, or does it just send out the same messages as the primary controller)

The Buttons on the right hand side seem to have two zones. Can they send a command for each edge, or are they just one button with a 2 led option (and if so, why is that useful?)

Why do certain features just reset themselves? I set all the pads to aftertouch and changed their sensitivity to medium, then sent the settings to unit. I loaded Live, and I now have faster pad response, but the aftertouch still doesn't work and I am getting different behaviour off of different pads when using kontakt and fabfilter twin (which both have predefined midi cc assignments) leading me to believe that the changes to the aftertouch setting have not worked. Sure enough, loading the editor again confirms that the pads are all still set to individual cc numbers...

More confusingly, I set button 4 to act as the scene toggle key (figuring that I'd rather have access to the other 7 modes on the unit than a couple of page of blank ableton assignments). It now performs that function, but when I load the data from the unit into the controller editor it says that the button is not assigned to a special function. How would i now reset it if I wanted to turn it back into a basic cc button? Or do I just have to do a unit reset?

With all of these quesries, I can't work out if I'm coming up against a quirk or limitation of the unit or a bug in the editor without some kind of documentation to refer to, so come on all you lovely forum goers, share the goods. Where do I find the reference wiki or pdf manual for the base?

Thanks in advance,



  • Hmm. Also, does anyone know how to assign buttons to shift the octave of the pads up and down? That must be available in the basic setup, right? I'm guessing the live template is reassigning the pads within the live py code, but there must be a way of doing that on the unit itself for working with programs that don't have that sort of interface coding?



  • Re: manual.  Is this what you're looking for?  (We keep everything on the Wiki, really, so if it exists then chances are it's there somewhere....)

    Re:  second channel.   The controller has the capability of using 8 different banks, each bank can be assigned a separate channel.  The channel is a global setting for each bank, thus you can't have e.g. some controls assigned to Ch.1 and others to Ch.3.  You can change the active bank with the online editor, however using this feature with the Live script isn't going to get you very far unless you also change some stuff in the script.

    Re:  dual leds in buttons.  Yes, you can address each LED individually, they are linked by default in the Live script via a sysex command but they are in fact individually accessible.

    Re:  resetting.  First off, even if you send the data to the controller, you still need to save it;  otherwise the next time you reconnect it, it will go to its last saved state.  Further, Live changes some of the settings via the py script if you're using it (out of necessity).  It never saves these settings, however, so it shouldn't be destructive to any settings you've made yourself....but you would need to restart the controller by replugging it.  Are you saving the settings after you send them?

    Re:  reassignment.  I'm not following you did you reassign it?  In the script, or did you change the assignment in the editor to a different Note value, or what?  If the latter, all you have to do is set it back to it's original assignment, send, and save....if that's not how you mean, I'll need more info sorry.

    Re:  setting octave shift.  Unfortunately this isn't possible with the hardware by itself.  You'd need to use software to do this, either through a script or intermediary application. You are correct in your assumption that the Live python script does all the translation for notes.  


  • Hi. Thanks again for a fulsome reply. I'll have a good delve through the wiki! May be just me being clueless, but a link to that on the base pages on the website would be really useful...

    I'm reassigning thinkngs in the editor (ie setting the 'special' box to 'enc speed'. That's the setting that doesn't seem to be sticking. And, yes, I am saving settings to the unit ;-) I've also discovered the various different touchstrip modes, so I'm no that fussed about the enc speed thing.

    I have also discovered, however, that there appears to be no possibility to set different pad values on different banks. So I activated button 4 as the bank switch so that i could scroll through the other banks, then reassigned the pads to make up a deffault button board (hayden system) to use in Reaper. All fine, except that when I next load up live I notice that all tha assignment of the pads on the original bank one is screwed up. Sure enough, looking at the editor, it turns out that changing tha value of a pad in one bank changes it in all the banks...

    So is the only function of the banks to allow you to change the midi channel? If so, it's not really a 'bank function so much as a midi channel switch, no? I've owned a bunch of different harware controllers over the years, and all the ones that have multiple banks give you the option to set up each bank completely independently of the others. Is this really not the case with the base? Or am I having another problem with the editor?

  • Ok. I read the Wiki. It still doesn't explain what port 2 is or how to access it/use it.

    It's not clear from the wiki, but reading between the lines, I'm getting the impression that the banks really don't affect many of the functions on the unit, meaning that if I want to use it with another piece of software, I need to be able to script an interface for that software such that all functional alterations to the unit come from the software, a la live. So actually, the unit is extremely limited as a note entry device with any application that doesn't offer that sort of interface integration? What I mean is that unless you can use the software you are controlling to manipulate the base, you are limited to one assignment per pad/button/strip, albeit on different midi channels, so setting it up to send different patterns of notes to the computer is not possible.

    Hmm. Maybe a third party like Bome might be useful in this respect. Otherwise I'm going to have to pipe all my midi through live (which I could using reaper's reroute driver, but it seems like a hassle).

    Is there also a place where people share their scripts and so forth? I've not seen an obvious thread on the forum or anything, but I'm a bit new to the whole livid stable...

  • It still doesn't explain what port 2 is or how to access it/use it.

    -Port two should be ignored for the BASE. For our controllers with MIDI jacks, port 2 is the MIDI in and out for the jacks.

    So is the only function of the banks to allow you to change the midi channel?
    On each bank you can change every setting for each control, pad, fader, or button, except note #. LED color, sensitivity, mode ect. can all be individualized per bank.

    Maybe a third party like Bome might be useful in this respect.
    -exactly, there are many ways to work around this from a software standpoint. We make our controllers highly editable and this requires quite a bit of memory, to the point that we have to make decision for features based on what works best for the most people since we cannot do everything we want to do.

    Is there also a place where people share their scripts and so forth?
    - I'm not sure, I know amounra has a handful of gems in his treasure chest. What specifically are you looking for?

  • Wonderful. Thanks for clarifying the port 2 thang. That's been bugging me.

    What I'd like to achieve is a way of using the controller with Reaper. It's grand with live using the remote script, but obviously none of that functionality leaves the program. I don't want quite the same level of function, as reaper is a far more straightforward linear environment, but I would like to be able to set different pad layouts so that I can play virtual instruments in reaper using the pads, and a couple of mappings for the sliders so that they can control fx/mixer etc.

    One of reaper's great deficiencies is a midi feedback, so unless I can work out how to code a fully fledged control surface script for the base, I'm going to be relying on the very capable persistent midi binding options in Reaper. So I can set up the Sliders with different values in different banks (or even the same values across a bunch of midi channels) and that would work just fine, but as I see it, I'm stuck with a pad mapping that runs chromatically across the middle of the keyboard unless I can work out some way of sending signals to the base telling it to remap it's pads (or telling an external piece of software to translate the base midi notes to a different mapping). So it would be neat if there were a template for bome player or something similar that let you map the unit different ways for use with software that doesn't have a scripted front end like live). That may be a way in the future, though.

    At the moment, I'm just trying to work out how to get the aftertouch to work. I can see the messages coming from the unit when I hold down a pad in the editor, but no dice in an actual daw. My qunexus is sending aftertouch fine, but plug the base through the same chain (with all the pads set to aftertouch) and I get nothing. How is the base sending aftertouch messages?



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