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How many MIDI notes can I get out of Brain Jr.?

edited March 2014 in Hardware

I bought a Brain Jr to build a MIDI foot controller, but in the process came up with an idea to build an isomorphic keyboard as well. Is it possible to get more than 32 notes out of a Brain Jr (I'm assuming I can use all the digital and analog I/O's for notes, though i'm not sure how to wire a push button to the analog section at the moment). Would there be a way to add octave buttons? Perhaps Transpose buttons? I want some help understanding the limitations of the Brain Jr before I start making my plans for building this. 


  • edited March 2014

    You can wire buttons to analogs, so you can get 32 notes. The transposing would have to be done with software.

    Button Mode Allows you to connect a button as an Analog Control. To connect a button as an analog:
    1. Connect 1 side of the button to Analog Power (pin 2 of any Analog pin header)
    2. Connect other side of the button to Analog Signal (pins 3-10 of any Analog pin header).
    3. Connect a 10k resistor between the Analog Signal and Analog Ground (pin 1 of any Analog pin header).

    Check out the wiki for more info:

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