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Question about setting up 32 step sequencers for drums

edited March 2014 in Hardware

Hi all, I want to set up an 808 style drum sequencer, but I want it to have 32 steps in one bar, rather than the standard 16 steps.  It seems like the product named "Base" would be good for this, because it has 32 pads, and also, I think I will like having the touch faders for other things.  Anyway, I have a couple of questions, because I'm a bit clueless on how this would work.

How would I go about doing this in Ableton, for instance?  And would Base work for this purpose?  I'm hoping I could set Base up such that when I hit one of the modifier keys on the right hand side, the pads would flip to the drum sounds…so I would choose, for instance, the kick sample, then flip the modifier key off so now when I press certain pads, that will denote where the kick will play on my 32-step pattern.  

Any help would be appreciated…I'm not sure I'm smart enough to figure this out on my own…oh, and I haven't bought Base yet, because I wanted to know if I could use that product for this…thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have... 


  • We currently provide a 16 step sequencer for BASE in the Ableton remote script. So it is written in python. You could theoretically expand it to 32 pads, but I do not think its a trivial task.

    You may have better luck using a program like MAX or Max4Live. I'm sure other users have made 32 pad sequencers that you could adapt to the BASE!

  • Hey, thanks so much for the info...but I'm really thinking about using Base with Bitwig.  Do you think it might be easier to set up in that program, rather than in Live?  I notice that Push does this pretty seamlessly in LIVE.  Perhaps I could buy a Push and get it ported over to Bitwig?  But I'd rather buy your product....

  • I would plan on using BASE with Bitwig! This will be one of the first DAWs that natively supports Livid Instruments!

    We have integration prepared for the release. Also Bitwig allows you much more control and flexibility by not locking out certain features.

  • So, do you think it would be easy for me to set up the Base such that the pads represent 32 steps of a step sequencer, so I can create drum loops that require 32nd notes?

  • You can do this with Live or Bitwig.  There's already a 32 step simple sequencer that Pete built around the b996 mod functionality of Base, it's currently available in the Monomodular github repository.  I'm working on getting all the Livid controllers up to date with the most current version, unfortunately right now docs and support is kind of sparse, though.

    Bitwig is very programmable, and I've built a fairly comprehensive framework for it's Control Script API, but you would need to know/learn some javascript in order to do this stuff yourself.  It's not much of a stretch from what we've already made, but currently we only have provisions for 16 step sequences.  It wouldn't be difficult at all to change the definitions to use a 32 step sequence, although you'd lose some of the functionality we've included (probably not a big deal to you though....there's only so many buttons on the Base, right?).

    Hope this helps!


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