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Brain Jr 2.00mm pin pitch grid rant

edited March 2014 in Hardware

I ordered a brain Jr and it came to my house.

Then I realised the pitch grid was 2.00mm and not 2.54.

Let me quote the Brain Jr wiki :


Jumper Cables

These can be connected directly the Brain Jr on one end, and then soldered onto your components at the other. When connecting the cable to your components, it may be helpful to cut the metal connection off and solder your components directly to the copper wire in the cable.
That's not true!! I look for hours online to find 2.00 male jumper wire and it can't it anywhere.
The only option you propose all over the forum is to buy another card... which means I have to pay shipping costs again... 8 euros for a 20 euros card... And I really don't want to do that.

Do you have any source where I could find Jumper Wire with at least on one end a male 2.00mm pin spacing connection ?
Or a 16 pins double row 2.00mm pitch grid male connector ?
If not please state cleary on your site and shop that to use the Brain Jr securely you need to purchase one of the breakout boards...

Does any other user have some kind of alternative to this ?
Any idea is welcome.



  • nicolasT,

    I don't think the pitch is important for single jumper wires. Are you having a hard time fitting many wires in at the same time?

    What is not true about the jumper wire description? Please note that the "component" described is referring to a potentiometer/button/led/ or other sensor.

    I think you are correct that it would help to make it more clear, that it really helps to have a shield if you want a durable final product.

    In the past (before the shields), I've soldered flat ribbon cable directly onto 2mm pitched pin headers. It can be maddening to solder all the pins though.

    Here is a list of our builder dealers world wide, perhaps one near you has a shield:
    -check under the builder DIY links.

  • I too assumed the pitch was 2.54mm like the breakout boards.    I don't seem to find where it's listed that brain JR uses 2.00 mm.   I was planning to solder wires to 14 x2 headers and then plug into brain JR,  but I will now need to find and order 2.00 mm pitch headers.    I agree with nicolasT,  it should be clearly indicated in the product description especially considering most people buying this will be building their own connectors.

  • I've added a quick note on the wiki, and I'll be linking to the shields + adding more references to the 2mm pitch.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Was it said somewhere that the pitch was 2.54mm?

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