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Livid Code V2 turning knobs - Can we make the values they send to change more smoothly?

edited February 2014 in Hardware

Hi there,

I hope  anyone can help me out with the following.

 As Code users know, the turning knobs on the Code have this step-wise turning character.

When I link them with some of my plugins in Ableton ,this creates an effect I don't want: namely the sudden steps of increase or decrease, when I for example control my equalizer. I like these modulations be done smoothly, and really not generate a stuttering sound. 

Changing the speed is one option, but then I cannot induce smooth wave-like large increases or decreases anymore, when turning the knobs in the effect I control with it. And only induce slow changes.

I suspect it might be possible to use software to translate the output generated  by turning of the Livid Code knobs into a more fluid increase or decrease. Technically I am a complete idiot, so I wont be able to script something myself. But I would love to hear what the options here are. Maybe somebody has something that could help me here? Maybe I could change something using the editor? And maybe this could also be an option for a future firmware upgrade? It would create a very qualitative dynamic within the Code and I am sure I am not the only one who would be really happy with this option.

Looking forward to hear thoughts and advice!



My set up:
Windows 7
Ableton 9, with Max for Live
Livid Code V2


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. And good to hear I am not the only one who has been wondering about this!

    Would love to hear if this is going to be included in a new firmware update, and would be very happy if this will be done. It is a bit of an issue for me at the moment.

    Happy to hear also if anybody else has another resolution for this,

    All very best,
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