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Code2 and Logic Pro X integration

edited February 2014 in Hardware

Using Logic Learn mode, I am successfully able to map Code's endless encoders to various faders and controls in Logic. That said, moving these faders and controls in Logic does not update Code's encoder's LED rings. It is as if Logic can't talk back to Code. 

Is this even possible with Logic? I get this back and forth communication between Logic and other midi controllers. Is there something special I need to do to get this to work between Code and Logic?



  • Sorry to report that it is not possible with logic without the apple controller integration SDK, which is available to developers.

  • I've done some Mac development in the past. I would be willing to re-enroll in Apple's Developer Program if what was needed to get Code to work with Logic was fairly trivial (Code would be perfect if I could get this to work). If it involved writing drivers or the like, that would be out of my league. 

    I write/compose in Ableton but am finishing up and mixing in Logic and the thing I miss the most is the APC40 and Push hardware integration with Live (I prefer turning knobs over pushing pixels, with music at least). I'm currently evaluating Code to see how well I can get it to work with Logic before the return policy from where I purchased it online expires. 
  • Do you think you will eventually get approval from Apple's Developer's Program and that at some point Logic will be able to talk to Code? I ask because I am currently evaluating Code and trying to decide whether or not to keep it. I really like it, but find loosing all my settings every time I switch banks (and have to re-latch everything up to Logic's interface) to be a bit of a deal breaker. 

  • Actually, I take that back. After hardwiring up the different banks to different Logic controls, when I switch banks the settings on the dials are retained and reflect what is on the screen. No longer a deal breaker. Keeping the Code! (Still, it would be nice if it could update to changes made on screen.)

  • edited March 2014

    Definitely agree, with the popularity of Logic you're missing a trick here. Feel like I'm missing out only seeing the rings flashing and no green buttons or white LED when clicked on. It's difficult visually to understand where you are if it's all mapped to different parameters

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