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Modular controller with keys

edited January 2014 in Hardware

Hello Livid Community,

I'm thinking about doing my first controller based on the Brain V2.

What I'd like to know is if it's possible to include a midi keyboard (two, actually) besides the knobs, buttons, leds, etc. If the Brain V2 has the resources to manage that. About the keys, I'd buy one of these cheap keyboards that are available today, just would take the board and the keys so I could put them on my own enclosures with the rest of the controls. I know the easiest way would be to have the controllers and the keys separately, but the Brain V2 seems to be a very capable and powerful board I'm probably going to underuse it already without the keys. And it would be really good to be able to just have one damn cable for all. I can't take it anymore with usb hubs.

Thanks a lot and sorry if this have been discussed, I used the search engine but it gave me little results and none of them clarified this.


  • FWIW, most of the expensive, industrial-oriented USB hubs that cost 100's+$ don't even have the TT capability (which is the only thing that set's ANY USB2 hub apart from the pack).  I'm using the same one that Justin linked to above and have had good success (even running two multichannel audio interfaces and 5 controllers at once).  You'll probably have trouble discerning whether a USB has this capability.  Generally, the rule is:  if it doesn't advertise Multi Transaction Translator capability, it doesn't have it.

  • You guys have been very helpful. Ok then, I'm going for one of those hubs, and if I make a controller with keys, I'll just take an already made keyboard and will add it to the same enclosure.

    Again, thanks a lot!
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