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Livid Web Editor / Save Multiple Settings

I don't know if this has been addressed before on a thread, and if it has already, I apologize.

I was wondering if there are any plans to include a way to save various custom settings to the editor to be recalled later? I think it was set up like this before but for some reason didn't really work.

This would be really nice because I use a Base controller, but I don't use the Remote Script that comes with it for Ableton. Instead I use it as a basic controller, and use the editor to re-assign various MIDI bank channels, pad colors, note modes, etc, and then I have a specific kind of MIDI mapping template that I use for live shows.

Sometimes, though, I want to bring the Base along with me and use it with the remote script for when I travel or what have you. However, I'd have to restore the default settings in order to use it with the remote script. It'd be nice to just, have the option of restoring the default settings, and then in the editor simply recalling the stored MIDI preset that I made.

Any plans to implement something like this? 



  • Just to let you know, I really would get very happy too with the possibility to save and restore my personal settings and mappings of the Base. That also would make a possibilty to jump to the Live-script occasionally. Knowing you are working is good. I am curious.


  • Good to know, looking forward to having that option!

  • I'm looking forward to this as well - I build stuff from the ground up in Max for specific projects and have very different needs for each one, but I love the remote script for Live too. Is there any other workaround at the moment??

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