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Code — LED mapping not possible and bugged

edited January 2014 in Hardware

I was involved in a thread relating to this issue before but without any conclusion really.

I will have to post this specific problem though because it messes up my setup and I urgently need a solution.

The LED-rings on my Code have random values, not the ones I assigned to them in the preset, some LED-rings share the same value, some are editable, others are not and appear to have the CC value 0 or some other odd value. Trying to edit the faulty values prints the error message

"js: error calling function UI"

trying to group the settings of one LED-ring prints the similar message

"js: error calling function group"

Even if local control is active I still need them to be assigned to certain values other than their encoder so I can change their display mode in Max, which otherwise isn't possible.

here's what it looks like when I try to set the second LED-ring to 33 (rings 1, 2 and a few others were all at 0 then)

I really need some help on this now, guys… please, please provide some info on how to tackle or troubleshoot this issue!
Many thanks in advance


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