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Cntrl:r encoders fire 4 values at a time

edited January 2014 in Hardware

hi !

i'm using Cntrl:r with custom software I create, and I've noticed that each time I move one of the encoders it fires 2-4 values. This is OK with absolute values, because I can control the encoder speed, but with relative values (either 0 or 7F), i get the same value fired 4 times which confuses my software.

is there anyway to eliminate this, i.e. to make the Cntrl:r send only one value each time i turn it one step?




  • This can be easily viewed with the editor midi sniffer, of course

  • hi!

    thanks so much, good to know someone's out there for you.

    please let me know when i can download a fix for this.


  • ok, thanks!

  • hi,

    while waiting for a firmware update, i discovered another issue:

    according to the Livid Cntrl_R Wiki:

    07.06 : Request Control Surface Snapshot

    F0 00 01 61 08 07 06 F7

    Request values for all Analog inputs. The CNTRL-R will re-scan every analog input and report the value with the usual MIDI Channel Message, even if it has not changed. 


    When I send this message, i get only the values that are NOT zero. I didn't expect this because zero is as good a value as any other, and so it took me while to understand why I'm not getting all of my Knobs when I send this message. This functionality is crucial to me, so I can sync between my controller and my software.

    Please confirm that you see this issue as well. In addition, please let me know how we're doing with that firmware update :-)

    Thanks a lot!


  • great :-) cheers

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