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Base Reason Remote Codec enhancements

edited January 2014 in Hardware


i just got my Base Unit and i am in the process of  enhancing the already pretty good Remote Codec.

First thing i did was to make an option to change the layout to an isomorphic (Push like) keyboard which i have finnished for the first 16 Scales.
It will be accessable by Shift+Scale Up/Down. That already works.

Shift+Fbt1/2 Changes the patch of the selected device. Also works atm.

For Fbtn3 i figured 'undo' as not so necessary and would rather program a hold mode of which i am not so sure how to implement it.
I could use the button toggle on/off the sustain pedal for Reason. It works atrm but i don't like how it plays out. I am thinking right now to make it so that when turned on it holds the pad pressed and unholds the pad before. In case of chords there must be a short timer, so that quickly pressed buttons are held together. I think it can be done but i am not sure if it plays out.

I also want to integrate some one push auto chords where the chord type can be selected with the buttons on the right. Not sure which ones i should implement (triads, maj7, Sus9, inversions?).

Then comes Kong. I think the second 4x4 array of pads or shift+Pad can be used as Pad Selectors which assign the 8 Sliders to 1 Pad thus having alot mor per Pad controls.

I am also thinking about (but that is far away) to use the second 4x4array as a StepSequencer (which obviously needs 16 Thors being connected to Kongs Pads). I have done this for the Lemur but scripting is a bit easier on the Lemur than in the codec but the process is the same. I am not so sure if it is worth it since there is no remotable pattern change option in Thors Sequencers so far.

If you have any more ideas feels free to post here.


  • I'm not sure how to implement things in the remote script, but I'll be looking forward to playing with your version of the script when its finished!

  • I'm looking forward to seeing how Reason-support evolves for the BASE.

    As for the step-sequencing part... Wouldn't it be much easier to use 2x Redrums, where you connect the CV/gate outs from the first 8 drums on each Redrum to the Kongs inputs? Then you can store/change patterns on the Redrums. Seems far simpler than using 16 Thors.

    Hopefully Peff can make a Step sequencing RE, kinda similar to the Alias RE but for hooking up Kong and similar percussive units via CV/Gate. 

  • The Problem with Redrum is that the Step Buttons are not remotable.

  • Update:

    Got the pads to light up correctly when pressed. Took me a couple of days because i am really new to this type  of codec editing. Feels really nice to have visual feedback now.

    Next are the chords.

  • Update:

    After long experimenting i got the hold function as i wanted it. At first i just made it like a damper pedal which wasnt to my satisfaction, then i had it working that every next key turned off the one before which wasnt working with chords (apart form my one press chords function). Then i fiddled around with the time variable to have quickly pressed keys (like chords) being held - also not that good.

    Now it holds all keys initially pressed and only when all keys are being untouched and new keys are pressed  the initially pressed one will turnoff and the new keys are held instead. This works like a charm now.

    Chord mode is also done: When hitting shift+Fbtn3 this mode is entered. Now when pressing a Pad as default a triad is trigggerd and lighted. There is a selection of different Chords accessable through Fbtns3-6 and SHift Ftbtn 3-6. In that mode the default functions of those buttons are inactive.

    I now want to add a bar for storing chords and Kong needs an update.

  • Yeah next update:

    I figured it would be cool to be able to store chords to pads so i made an option for the upmost row of pads to store the currently held chord: You press some pads, then press hold, activate the chord bar and assign that chord to a pad by pressing shift and the pad.

    This works so far but it took the whole weekend until i figured how to show variables in the Lcd so i could track buggy variables of which i had a lot especially with the held notes where you have to delay the noteoff until certain conditions come up.

    Now in order for this to be 100% cool i want those chords to be saved with the Reason file, so that the Chord bar gets populated correctly when loading a Song. This is going to be tricky and will most likely involve a second codec locked to a Reason device which acts as a Number storing device. Not sure if it will work but i will try. After that i will release the first version and add the Kong stuff later. I have ideas for a Rex template and a Thor Sequencer page too.

    I wonder how big and complicated a Remote codec file can get and still work correctly. It is already pretty huge.

  • next update:

    i learned one thing so far. Making the keys light together with a hold mode is really a can of worms. Keeping track of all the pads that should be lit is crazy. Especially if the right pads should stray lit even if you transpose or change the scale. The code has gotten a bit more messy but that is done so far so good.

    I have also added a nice feature for chord mode: when you hit a pad in chordmode normally the selected chord goes off but with shift pressed it cycles though the different notes that make up the chord on each press.
    Also chord mode now has its own bar (the top row of pads) like the chord save mode (where you can save your own chords).
    The saving of the custom chords to the Reason File is pretty tricky though and i will do an option but that will require to lock the Base codec to a Mixer, and press a button (and then unlock it). It is not going to work automatically.

    I am not sure if i can release it immedeatly because i fear there will be some bugs so i might play around with it for a couple of days. If you want to test it just send me a message.

  • Keyboard modes are pretty much done.

    So if anyone wants to test, send me a message

    Next is an Update on Kong, then Rex and then Thor (Sequencer)

  • I have sent the codec to livid. Lets see what they think.

    But work goes on. Currently i am thinking about redesigning the Bank Switching. I am not so content with the 4 Bank switches for the top buttons. 4 is a bit few. But i am not sure how to increase the number. The advatage of having them at the top is the instant access.

    Atm i am playing around with using the top row of Pads for Bankswitching. I have made room for a dedicated button on the side to display that row. I have changed the layout, so that the new Modes (Auto Chord Mode, Chord recall Mode and Keylayout Change) are now positioned at the top where the Bank Switches were.
    And the Scale Change uses just on button. Press to go one Scale up and Shift Press for Scale down.
    The freed button now is to display the new Bankswitch row.

    I want to Color Code the BankSwitches too. Red for Oscillators, Green for Filters, Light blue for LFO, Dark Blue for Envelopes etc.. Also i want to color code the Sliders, so that the most distinct Controllers of a specific Bank are allways Red like Filter Cutoff and Resonance in the Filter Bank or ADSR in the Env Bank.
    Switches are allways green. And controls that select something at different values  lets say Yellow (ideally change the color whenever a new selection is reached- but i think this is too much work).

    I am not so sure about the Bank Switch Row of Pads as it is not an instant Switch (because you have to press a button on the side first) and it slims down the area for note input. The color coding on the other hand is nice and with the Pads more in your face than on the top buttons.

  • edited February 2014

    Took a little break but i got something done the last couple of days

    The bank switching is now done. If you hit fbtn 5 the top row of touch button changes and becomes the bank switch row. Then banks are color coded so you can see what you are selecting:

    darkblue= envelopes
    lighblue= lfo
    purple = fx
    white =rest

    Color Coding of the Faders in a bank is coming  next.

    With Kong i am halfway through:
    with shift and a pad of the left 4x4 grid you select that pad (it gets highlighted) and then you have control of the 8 most important controls via the faders for that pad. It was a major pain to get this done because a pad might be assignet to a different drum so i had to reassign everything dynamically. I learned how to read in a Reason devices state to an array though which i need for making a Kong Stepsequencer (comes later maybe).
    The right grid will become a 16 levels grid next.
    And i have to do soemthing with the function buttons that normally have a keyboard function like hold, chordmode etc.

    Not sure about an ETA for release, shouldnt be that far away because the stuff works pretty good atm and there is not much left..

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