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Strange and sudden behaviour Alias 8

edited January 2014 in Hardware

Hi there,

Out of the blue my Alias 8 started sending unwanted midi messages when I select any channel other then channel 01. 

I posted a youtube video to show what's going on. As you can see, Ableton receives midi messages from Alias 8 as soon as I change the midi channel to 2 or higher. I have Ableton's midi IO settings set to the values recommended in the manual.

I tried resetting the default settings with the online editor. My firmware is updated to the latest version. 

What can I do to fix this? :(


  • Well that is quite strange! Can't say I've encountered this before...

    First step would be to see exactly what midi the Alias 8 is sending. Download one of these free midi monitors, and share a screen capture of the midi output after you change the channel.

    ------------- Midi Monitors -----------------------------
    OSX - Snoize MIDI Monitor -
    Windows - MIDI OX -
    Linux - QMidiRoute -

    On mac you can use quicktime to do a screen capture very easily.

    Is the unwanted midi information the same for each channel or does it change?

    Do all this testing with no other programs open!

  • edited January 2014

    Thanks for your quick response! 

    But it turned out to be something completely different.. Somehow my Korg mickroKey mod wheel sent those messages. I didn't expect this since it only happened on channel 2 and higher. I still can't really explain how this can happen only when the Alias 8 is set to a specific channel. 

    Anyway, I'm glad it is solved, thanks!

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