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Ohm: RGB Feedback in Ableton using Max-Patch ?

edited December 2013 in Hardware

good evening,

I have no experience with Max/MSP yet, but with Ableton 9 I will certainly delve into it and perhaps create some useful tools, especially to integrate the OhmRGB in a more intuitive and individual fashion than the Remote Script pythons allow.

My questions therefore are these:
is it possible with Max for Live, to create and run an instance that
— can influence the velocity sent from Ableton to the controller's LEDs to select different colors for different functions? Say, take the velocity Ableton sends to the Ohm for the assigned note (button) and subtract 10 from it to get a yellow LED instead of a green one
— establishes shift buttons for the Livid controllers, which transpose outgoing MIDI messages from the Ohm, change the channel, translate notes to CCs or the like? Say, when D#5 is pressed (Livid button), all outgoing & incoming messages from the Ohm will be sent on Channel 12, or certain notes take on different values, change to CCs or to toggle modes?

it would allow a very individual use of the Ohm in Ableton and instead of having 64+17 green/off-LEDs one could actually set color feedback to the buttons and intuitively know where is what and where to press. Introducing shift buttons allows temporary change of state rather than cycling through to 4 banks and back again. The Preset selector is somewhat a close idea to this, but I found that all messages need to be resent to the Ohm before LEDs adapt to the status of the parameters they control, so that's no good… unless one could write a Max patch which automatically updates all LEDs when a new preset is selected (use the midi command to change presets and have it trigger the LEDs too), though I think this would be rather difficult to achieve as for the info of whether an effect is on doesn't really float within Ableton for the Ohm to just pick up, or does it?

hope this makes sense… again, I have no experience with Max yet, I am just wondering which possibilities I have because I will embark on this soon and people here can definitely help me!

thanks in advance for any advice!


  • Yes Max should be a great tool for what you're trying to do! You can run the MIDI from the RGB through MAX then to Ableton, and out of Ableton through Max back to the Ohm RGB. Then you use max to catch and translate certain messages.

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