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Brain Jr, Analog Connections - Capacitor integration

edited December 2013 in Hardware

HI there. 

Im probably being a bit of an idiot, but in the Wiki for the Brain Jr it says 

"Each analog control needs a .01uF capacitor between the Ground and Signal to stabilize the signal." 

This is the only time in the wiki that this in mentioned (I think). In the wiring example image directly below that statement is shows no capacitor in the example. Simpley the 3 pot terminals and wires going directly to the brain. Am I missing something here? 

How exactly do I incorporate the .01uf cap. Do I solder it between the ground and the (+) terminals on every connection? And what is the best way to do this?? 

I did search the forum for this before posting, I just cant find any info on this for some reason. 




  • You are right that there is no picture documentation of this! I'll update the wiki soon to add this in.

    To answer your question:

    For each analog control (fader, pot, etc.) you will want to have 1 x .01uF capacitor. You want to place the capacitor as near as possible to the analog control. One end of the cap connects to the ground and the other end connects to the signal #.

    How to actually wire this depends on the rest of your set up. How are you currently wiring things? Sometimes you can simply solder the capacitor straight across the ground and signal pins on your pot or fader.

  • Yeah, Thats great! 

    Makes sense now. 
    I just wasn't sure. I will be soldering them directly to the pot lugs.

    Thanks so much for the help. 


  • Anytime, Happy Building! Share some pics when you finish. :)

  • heyo

    did you come around to make a picture?
    i´m running into the same question - as far as i understand the conversation above i solder both the wire to the brain jr (ground and signal) and the capacitor to the legs of the poti, right?

    another question: i´m testing with pure data, and the signal appears to come in smooth both with or without capacitor, do i blow somthing if i don´t use a capacitor?

    thanx a lot
  • You can run it with or without. The only thing is if you notice slight (1 or 2 midi points) jumps you may want to add the capacitor to filter out those little jitters.

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