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Ohm RGB Ohmmodes no midi from User Bank rotaries

The documentation states: "If the currently controlled modSlot does not have a corresponding module loaded in your Live set, the associated module controls for that slot will become available for User Mapping on a different MIDI Channel. This effectively gives the user up to six different "User Banks" that are available for different User Mapping assignments within Live."

In Live 9, I can see incoming midi when I push a button, but not when I twist a rotary. Ohmmodes is enabled. No other midi in or out is enabled for the Ohm RGB.

How do I get the rotary knobs to send data to Live 9 when using the Ohm RGB in Gary mode with nothing loaded in the modSlot?



  • This is working fine for me....are you sure you have "Track" enabled for the OhmRGB's input in Live's MIDI Preferences?  (you'll also need to have "Remote" enabled if you're trying to MIDI map them to something with Live's MIDI learn).


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