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banking a new cntrl:r

edited October 2013 in Hardware

ive read the wiki page on how to bank my new cntrlr but i still dont understand how to assign each button to toggle through the 4 banks any help would be great im trying to use the top middle 4 push encoder to toggle through each bank.


  • Are you using the editor to do this? You can bank with that button yes

  • Once you select the button you want to use as the bank button you need to select "bank" under the special options.

  • You need to select the button you want to control banking in the editor and select bank under "special" See the attached.


  • after i choose a button and select the bank option i get this message 

    "reassigned button 1cc that  was at ID 48(there can be only one cycle button)"
    what do i do next? 
    thanks in advance
  • It sounds like you have more than one button assigned to "bank". Try a factory reset, "save to device", then try again.

  • ok that worked! but when i scroll through the special options i dont have the option of selecting "indiv. bank" can i only assign one button to toggle through all 4 banks on my CNTRLR?

    Also when i toggle through the banks it doesnt change the midi channel it always stays on channel 1 how do i fix this?

    thanks for the help guys i been tryn to get this thing set up so i can start playing i just got it friday and all this set up has been a head ace 0_o
  • Did you get this sorted out yesterday? I think we spoke to you on the phone right?

    If not, you just need to set each bank its own channel in the editor and save to device.

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