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multi midi channel send for CNTRL:R ?

edited October 2013 in Hardware


is there any solution how to use different midi channels for each fader/knob/button?
this is a mandatory thing for controlling other hardware devices without midi learn function like an "Elektron Octratrack".

thank you very much



  • MIDI channels are global per bank. So you can have banks with different channels but not in the same bank.

  • thanks jay,

    thats unacceptable for a "fully programmalble" midi controller..
    especially for this pricing.

    is this functionallity a part of the next firmware update?
    otherwise it's unsuable for me. :-/

  • You can certainly request it as a feature. Sorry to hear that you think it's "unacceptable" but it works like this for a reason. There isn't enough on board memory for both banking and multiple channels per bank. Banking seems to be more useful for most users. 

  • thanks a lot Jay,

    it's a beautiful controller and i would love to use it as such one, but in this case i have to send it back unfortunately. thanks for your support it helped me a lot.

    best. andreas

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