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How to use Code's MIDI IN to control LEDs?

edited October 2013 in Hardware


I am looking for a way to use Code's MIDI 5-Pin IN Jack to control Code's LEDs. I strongly need thgis feature to control external midi gear with midi talkback, without using a computer. Is there a way to do this, or maybe to integrate it into the next firmware release? I know that if you turn on the midi merge functionality, you get the knob movements and button presses at the 5-Pin MIDI OUT Jack. But for MIDI IN there seems to be no way to do the other direction, at the moment.



  • Yeah you can do this with MIDI IN. Do you have omni mode turned on?

  • That does not help in this case. If I get that right omni mode is for sending/receiving data on all midi channels?

    My test setup is a simple USB-Midi I/O connector, connected to the two 5-Pin Jacks on the side of the Code. If I switch to learn mode in Ableton Live it's no problem to create the mapping. Controlling Ableton from the MIDI-OUT 5-Pin MIDI Jack of the Code works fine, but the talkback to the MIDI-IN Jack does not work. With omni mode, midi merge. Also I found in the wiki, that talkback is only possible by directly using the USB connection.

  • We are looking to add this functionality into the Brain v2 first, then we will add it to controllers like the CNTLR:R and Code. There is no timetable for this release yet, but your request have been heard and we will be incorporating this soon!

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