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Brain Jr 2mm IDC connectors

edited October 2013 in Hardware


I'm looking for suggestions for places to buy 32 pin 2mm IDC ribbon cables to connect to my Brain Jr v2.
I'm using all of the 16 analog and 16 digital connectors and would like something more robust than jumpers which doesn't require manual soldering such as the breakout board.

I've found a few such as these which should be ok for the digital side of things, but the triple non-standard width of the analogs is slightly trickier...

Any great ideas? 

Thanks in advance.


  • You can use our omni shield to break the headers out to 10pin ribbon cable connectors that work just like our brainv2 and omni boards!

  • That looks like it'll do the job. Have just purchased one. ☺ 

    Took a bit to figure out how the 10 pins will carry all the required data but now I've found the pin config in the wiki I think I'll be fine from here...

    I'll start a new thread to see if you can help figure out why my potentiometers are only sending MIDI values from 0 to 118...
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