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My DJ controller (update: it's finished!)

edited October 2013 in Hardware

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I announced that I was working on a custom brain jr powered dj controller. I am happy to announce that it now finally is a working product. As pictures say more than words, here are some:




A full album of pictures including some build progress can be found here:

Controller features:
-2 smooth jogwheels
-15 functional buttons
-5 faders
-8 knobs

Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated!



  • Wow thats freakin cool! How are those jog wheers working??

  • The jogwheels are just wooden disks with some coating on them so I have some grip on them. They're connected to encoders. The jogwheels perform reasonable, they obviously aren't good enough for decent scratching. Backspins and just moving through tracks works fine. It was hard to get them exactly straight and perfectly round, but I managed quite well.

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