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Question about connecting an expression pedal to analog in (Brain v.1)

edited October 2013 in Hardware


for my Hammond MIDI controller I need to connect an expression pedal to a Brain's analog input (I need it to control the Volume).

I looked at your YouTube tutorials (this one: but it leaves me with a question:
Since I can't assume that the pedal would be always connected (One could forgot it at home, or the pedal could die during a gig... etc), does the wiper pin of the female jack has to be connected to GND (or V) when the pedal isn't connected? 
Or, putting the question in another way: Do I have to get a stereo female jack with a switch so that the wiper can be short circuited to V or GND when the pedal is not connected?

Thank you!



  • If you are not using a wiper, you will need it to be grounded or disabled in the editor.

  • Thank you Mark!

  • One more question Mark.

    I've got a famale jack with a switch, so when the pedal jack is plugged out the analog signal pin is automatically grounded.

    I haven't soldered it yet, but it should work, right?

    The problem:
    I expect that when Signal is grounded, the CC value from that analog input will drop to 0.
    I need that the CC value remain at least at 64 (more or less) so that even without the volume pedal connected I have some volume from my device.
    Could I solve this issue by putting a resistor between the GND and the Signal? Could it work? What value should the resistor have?

    Tahnks for you help
  • Hallo again,

    I solved connecting the female jack so that when the pedal isn't connected the wiper is "short circuited" to V+ so to the Brain it looks like the signal it is at its maximum.

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