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opening an ohm64 and replacing a fader/slider/potentiometer

edited September 2013 in Hardware

I recently aquired an Ohm64 midi controller with a broken fader. I have since ordered this, as suggested by Livid.

Now my question is, how do I approach getting inside my Ohm64? 

I've taken the back panel off, and there are wood braces that look like they need to slide to the left or to the right before I can gain access to the main board in order to replace the fader. Yet to slide the wood brackets it looks like I need to remove the ribbons connecting the board. Do the ribbon connectors pop out, or slide down? I don't want to break them! Also it looks like I'll need to pop off all the knobs and faders from the control surface. 

Staring inside of this for the first time, what would you suggest I do to replace this one fader?

It seems to me I need to tear down the whole thing and build it back up.


  • You do need to remove the main board from the housing. You will be able to keep on most the spacers.

    To remove the ribbon cables, you pull straight up. I recommend labeling them before you remove them.

    Then to remove the ribs, its easiest to flip them on their sides. You can be pretty firm with everything.

    Yes you will need to remove the caps from the knobs.

    If you have more questions, ask away!

  • I'd also recommend a solder sucker to get the pots off, it makes it go much faster.

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