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Will Marshall Cntrl:R script and template

edited September 2013 in Hardware

I would like to hire will marshall to make a script and dj template like he did for the OHM RGB.  I have spoke to him about this and he is interested in doing it.  The problem is the cost is above what I can afford.  His services are around the cost of a new Cntrl:R since he would need to have one to be able to test and work on the project.

I am looking for a way to gather people who are interested in a script and template to "pitch in" and get the ball rolling and then of course share the results with the people involved.

Any Ideas or suggestion on how to get this done


  • Hey there! 

    I'm definitely always down with some new templates for the CNTRL:R! ;-) Which software are you interested in having maps for?? If Traktor may i suggest Stewes' ("mapping guru") various mappings... AMAZING work!!!!

    No disrespect to Will Marshall but i reckon Stewe (who already owns the CNTRL:R) could pull off any mapping you desire at ALOT cheaper price!! He seems to be a real stand up guy!!

    All the best,

  • his DJ template is for a four channel template Ableton Live and that's what I'm interested in. I could build the midi mapping but I don't code in python so I wouldn't know how to do that. Plus his ableton template is really good.

    Maybe I will contact stewe first.

  • Oh ok then... if it's Ableton Live then Mr Marshall is probably your man, but it wouldn't hurt to contact Stewe first as that dude has got some MAD skills! :-) 

    Wishing you all the best!
  • Hey Ndoe did you make any progress with this?  Would love to collaborate if you're interested.  I recently posted a request for help regarding modifying the Livid script.  I'm on the warpath to get this done.  

    Hit me up.
  • If anyone can do this then it would be great and also I am willing to pay for a script like that. At the moment I am working with the Will Marshall template and have modified it to use it with the controller. However I just done this by midi mapping some of the controls on a mod page, since I don't have a clue how to do the scripting.

    Let me know if anybody can do this and I will be happy to help, test and point out what should be in there, to make it perfect. The CNTRL:R would be perfect for this, since you also got the other mods to add extra stuff to it.

    Keep It Spinnin'

    Mike Bosch
  • If anyone is still interested in this. I have made a DJ template for there CNTRL:R.

    You can still use the original Livid Script and I have put the script the dJ Template on the 3rd mod encoder, so you can still use the first two mods for the stepprs.

    In my personal use I have used the fourth encoder button as a bank switch, but you don't need this to use the template.

    Anybody interested just send me an email on mikebosch at europe dot com.
  • Following up on my previous post, I decided to share a link with all of you. It is a dj set for corona sunset which is performed with the adapted script. If you like what you hear, and want me to send you the template, then just send me an email (you can find the email in the previous post).

    Also I would appreciate it if you can put a vote in for me if you like the DJ set.

    Keep It Spinnin'

    Mike Bosch
  • edited July 2014

    I have started to work on a DJ script using the Will Marshall dummy clip set.  In the script I have a VU meter, Loop brace on/off, Loop brace left and right, and a one bar loop button that a starts the brace where the playhead is.  The shift button allows you to double and half the brace with the left and right buttons. The track select buttons highlight the active clip on the track (this really helps my workflow), my plan is to use each track stop button as a VU meter for that track. 

    The biggest issue i have is that Im not sure what to map the dummy clips to. I thought about using another page but i prefer to have everything mapped to one thing only.

    Right now i use an Ipad with touchable to trigger the dummy clips and a fader on the cntrlr for the xfader dry/wet. but i would rather just bring the cntrlr for DJ sets, I have thought about using 8 or more buttons on the bottom for the dummy clips but i don think its possible to add a second red box and i think it would be easy to get lost in a sea of clips. Any Ideas on how to incorporate the dummy clips?
  • I have used the third mod to map all the Will Marshall effects and also some of my own and use it that way.

    I have used the 2x16 buttons to map to the dummy clips and it works pretty good, this way I can keep the normal script as it is.

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