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Using Brain with & or to frankenstein other controllers & or parts to make a controller i want!!!

edited September 2013 in Hardware

I have been looking at a lot of DIY sites like SMASHTV and MIDIBOX etc. and the one common thing is finding controllers to do or have what I want as far as set-up / look/feel/function & and to have the amount of control I need.  I wanted to take apart a numark mixmeister controller I own and add that to a brain as well as some nice info-midi faders,  and lcd screens, and a small touchpad and a set of led buttons for triggering, X,Y pad  is this possible???   A livid Cntrl-r with transport control & lcd screen, touch sensitive platter instead of a single knob. would be heaven to me!!!

my goal is to make a device that can be played in tractor & ableton, while midi sequencing outside machines. .

I have almost all of these parts in house already and have seen a lot of people doing this online, but im not quite sure what I need?

and I figure I would have to recode the MIOS?  is that true?

can anyone please help me contact me please....



  • What is MIOS? If you use the Brain there is no programming needed.

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