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Difference between code v2 and first version.

edited September 2013 in Hardware

Is there any hardware or software difference?
We can assume that all the future updates will come for both version?



  • yes it's a firmware and build difference, the electronics will behave the same.

  • Thanks jay.
    So i have no update to the firmware for the first code?
    I cannot do something big?
    sorry for my english

  • Do you have a code v1 that you want to upgrade to a v2?

  • I found in the firmware section next to the last firmware "(for all Codes)", i think that this is the answer i'm looking for.
    A friends of mine has a code v1 and i want to know if there are some limitation if i want to update to the last version of the firmware.
    Thanks for the help and hope that you continue the support for the first model of the code.

  • edited October 2013

    Same question as bradips concerning the (for all codes) firmware version. I've got a V1 code bought as b stock from you that came with firmware 2.07. Is that ok ?

  • Yeah its fine! Is everything working well for you?

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