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need HELP

edited September 2013 in Hardware


I am new to LIVID i am very tech capable. I am a lighting designer but do not like the options of controllers out there. I am designing my own and have several questions. I am designing and printing my own blue circuit boards as i have done on other projects in the past. I have many questions. i will also film and post info on the build as it goes. for future LIVID users. If anyone would be willing to be my email helper i would be more tan willing to post you help in the project on any future posts.
some basic questions that I think i know the answer to. (but want to be sure)
I am using alpha 60mm slide potentiometers. they are 3 pin with 4 solder bolt tabs. can this be used wit brain v2? negative, common, slide,?
the way i figure it i can have 6 POT's plus a pos and neg (for led) and a neg and common(for POT) on each 10pin plug.?
i have to buy 60 omni style buttons. is tere a cheaper solution for silicon buttons?
i have 123 buttons total on the controller. 1 15" touch screen monitor and 2 5" touchscreen monitors. a keyboard, track ball, and a dell computer.

are there any problems i need to look for?

Thanks in advance!


  • alpha faders will work just fine. You can find wiring instructions here

    You will only want to use analog connection on the analog header. The LED headers are for LEDs.

    Not many people offer rubber keypads. Tooling is very expensive which is why we offer the ones we use on our controllers here.
  • Thanks for the swift reply. Good to know. I'm sure I will have many more questions before this project is done.

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