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OSX Firmware updater software - please test!

edited August 2013 in Hardware

We just finished a new software tool that makes it really easy to update firmware from a Mac

All you have to do is put your controller in Bootloader mode then open the Livid Firmware Update application. Drag the firmware .hex file onto the app, and it will program (and reset) your controller with the new firmware. That's it!

We've tested this on several flavors of Mac with several controllers, and feel pretty confident that it works well, and won't "brick" your controller.
However, before we announce it everywhere, we'd love it if a few brave souls in the United States (see below) would give this a try.

Here's a video that shows how simple this tool is (it also shows this post in progress!). I feel silly making this video because it is like making a how-to about toast. Anyway:

Please report your OS and controller and let us know how it goes. If you can't get the software to recognize the controller in bootloader mode, send us a quick video and/or screenshots of what is happening.

Even though we feel like the risk is EXTREMELY small, If you have a gig tonight, please don't do this test!
If you videotape your test and it does brick your controller, contact us and we'll ship it to our shop and fix it. US only - no international! The video needs to show the controller working normally, then you running this firmware app on your mac os 10.6+, immediately followed by tests that show the controller is bricked. Don't edit the video - keep the camera running!



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