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Brain V2 Configure and Encoder +- mode

edited August 2013 in Hardware

Hi folks,

I'm getting some unpredictable behaviour on my brain jr when trying to set some encoders to inc/dec mode with brain V2 configure 1.03

I have 8 encoders wired up and they work fine in cc mode.  When I try to set them all to +- sometimes only the first four work, with the others remaining in cc.  Sometimes 7 of the encoders end up in +- mode with the 8th in cc.  Other times encoders 4 and 8 have sent spikes of data which makes me think they were not in encoder mode.  These changes happen when clearing setting enc? to no and then back to yes on all cells.  also when setting unused ids to something else like cc.  Doesn't seem to be any correlation between the changes made in the config software to the behaviour of the encoders when config is sent to brain.

I've flashed the brain jr with it working as well as i can get it for the time being (only encoder 8  stuck in cc mode).
Screen shot of current configuration:

Seeming like it might be a bug either in brain V2 configure or the brain jr firmware?  any ideas?

Also, wondering what the Sysex message to set all 8 encoders to  +- would be?  I've been trying to send sysex through the brain config but nothing has seemed to have any effect at all (also trying to reduce the sensitivity of the encoders to 1/4).

many thanks,


  • Are you running the latest Brain Jr. firmware (v211)?

  • I'm experiencing similar issues, I seem to be running firmware 2.0.6? image

    So a firmware update might fix it?
  • edited August 2013

    right, i'm on 208.  Found 211 here:

    tried to upgrade the firmware on both windows and mac but the board is refusing to enter bootloader mode.  Bridging the first two pins on JP5, closest to the livid logo whilst plugging in as instructed on the wiki.

    that aside...
    I suspect this might be an issue with the brain config tool.  Enabling unused ids (16-17) (20-21) is definitely having an effect.  hard to know for sure where the problem lies though.

    Regarding sending sysex to the brain,  can that be done from anywhere - ie another max patch?
    and what would the sysex message to convert all 8 encoders to +/-?  (the decimal notation i've found a bit confusing).

    many thanks,
  • There were some recent bug fixes for the encoders, so a firmware upgrade may really help.

    I have just verified entering bootloader by bridging the 2 pins.

  • Mark: When looking on livid's download page ( I only find firmware version 208. Is there a specific reason why 211 can't be found there? (I'd rather not flash random binaries from the internet to my brain jr.)

  • It should be updated now! Please try the new version.

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