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Brain Jr: switch as analog

edited August 2013 in Hardware


I need to hook some momentary and toggle switches up to the analog inputs of the brain jr.
hoping someone might be able to tell me how I should go about this - I know I might need a resistor in there somewhere but i'm not sure what kind or where it needs to go.

Many thanks,


  • So basically you are trying to get more digital inputs by using the analog inputs? With a resistor this should be possible, I managed to do so. I have made a little schematic if anyone wants it.

  • that's exactly what I'm after!  Could you please put the schematic up?

    What value resistors did you use?
  • dying for an answer here.  I've got some 10k and 5k resistors and   

    I've tried a few things but so far no luck.

    Can anyone tell me how to do this?

  • edited August 2013

    alright!  figured it out.  If anyone else stumbles across this post and wants to get this to work  This is what i did:

    I bridged the switche with a 5k resistor.
    I ran one side of the switch into the (-) connector
    I ran the other side of the switch into the (#) connector
    then I bridged the (#) and (+) connectors with another 10k resistor

    In the brain configure software i set the type to "btn" and enabled flip.

    Hope that helps someone.
  • Here's the schematic of what I was using incase anyone wants it. image

  • I don't know if this is the best way to do it since I don't know that much about electrical engineering.

  • edited October 2013

    This was exactly the thing I was looking for, tx!

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