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Loading text files CellDNA

I am a new user here and am having trouble loading (opening) a text file. I can type text on my keyboard and it appears fine. When I click on the open file button all my text file choices are grayed out. Exactly what kind of file is the programing wanting to see? I'm on a Mac running 10.6.8.



  • Is this in the Captions tab? What text files? It works here, though I'm on 10.84. I put a few different types of text files and they are available, as you can see in this picture:

    Can you provide a similar example or an example of a text file that is not working?
  • Thanks for your response. My text editor was saving as rtf not txt. rtf will not work. I also tried to convert some existing documents to txt but come up with blank pages when I try to open them. I am wanting to use some lyrics in my project. I guess I will just need to retype them.

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