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I Need Help/Advice: Build a drum machine/midi controller using Brain Jr.

edited July 2013 in Hardware

Hi, I want to make a midi controller/ drum machine using the Brain Jr. This is for a class project and Im new to building my own instruments, but I really have the desire to give it a shot. Plus my grade is depending on it. I want to make a 16 pad drum sequencer with the Brain Jr. What are some other components you recommend me purchasing to make this project a succes? 


  • what do you mean by "sequencer"? Internal sequencing or is the software you are using going to sequence?

  • I will be using Ableton9 to map the midi to the drum machine. So, basically I want to build a machine thats analog/midi. The software will be the sequencer in this case. At this point I just want to get the correct amount of components to at get started. In my shopping cart is the following thus far,

    • Brain Jr.
    • 4x4 small keyboards change
    • Omni Board
  • You need the Omni keypad to work with the Omni board.

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