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Midi port conflict (Livid Code)

edited July 2013 in Hardware

Hi there,

Wandering if anyone can help me with this issue, I had no problem so far with the Code until very recently.

Now when i connect the code to the mac (book pro osx 10.7.5) I can open the Code editor and hardware performs just fine, everything works WHEN my only USB controller is the Code. Problem is whenever I connect my other midi controller KM Quneo, I get a error message from Code editor saying it can't find a connection with the Code (No Livid Controller detected, check your connection and try again message) even when the ports Code Controls and Code Port 1 and 2 are right there on the port list.

When I rescan for the controller I get this on the script:
I would really appreciate some pro tips on this matter and how to fix it, I'm over my head on this whole sysex and max matter for now.




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