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Base programming

edited June 2013 in Software Discussion

Hey, I'm thinking about buying me a Base. A couple of questions about programming it (day job is development so scripts are cool too).

1. I'm looking for a way to crossfade one or more channels. Can you program a fader to go down as another goes up?
2. Can you program a row of pads to do a Deadelus Menome like step time keeper (lights flash from left to right in 8th notes)



  • What environment?  Are you using Ableton?

  • Yes, forgot to say with Ableton

  • First of all, sorry for the late response.  

    1.  You can do this a multitude of ways, but especially with Max or MaxforLive.  Pure Data is a free alternative to those methods.

    2.  I accomplish this in the same way as the above, using Max or m4l.  

    When you get to specifics, we can surely help you or at least point you in the right direction :)
  • In response to question number two - one thing I've done is break a sample into separate clips according to however many parts/beats you would like (or multiple samples). Then use follow actions to cycle through them. Make sure that the last one in the chain has a follow action the goes to "first" and you'll get a mlr style sample chopper. This will provide LED feedback, though you'll need to user map the clip launch buttons if you want left to right feedback rather than top to bottom if you're using the Live script. Eventually I'd like to get make a Max patch to "record" clip launch patterns similar to the mlrv pattern recorder. I'll let you know how that goes...

  • Also, if you're savvy, there's always the possibility of programming this sort of thing in Live's Python environment.  There are plenty of thrid-party scripts out there, including ours, that make a good place to start for this sort of thing (and it's free, even though it isn't officially supported).


  • edited July 2013

    I should also mention that with the follow action method you'll want to either turn the clip quantization or the global quantization to a smaller division - I usually use 1/16th notes. This will allow you to chop up the sample much more musically.

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