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Livid Block / LED Toggle?

edited June 2013 in Hardware

Hey guys, sorry if this is an old question or if it's already been addressed. I recently picked up a Block controller and I love it!

I have a question about the LEDs. I know this is an older controller, but is it possible to set the LEDs to toggle on/off? Basically, I have my controller set to send MIDI on ch.16 so as to not interfere with my APC40. I have some of the buttons on the controller mapped to various Beat Repeats, and I just want the LED to light up when I hit the button once, and then turn off when I hit it again.

There doesn't seem to be a way to configure a toggle mode for these LEDs in either the online or downloadable editor. Is there a way to achieve what I want in the editor somehow that I've overlooked, or would I need to do some scripting or something to that effect? 

Thanks in advance!


  • Sorry block does not have toggle. We developed that feature after the block was discontinued. 

  • Thanks for your response, Jay. Do you mean it's simply not included in the editor, or that it's not possible at all, even through some sort of scripting? 

    Forgive me if this is a n00b question, but if there was even a way to accomplish this through some sort of scripting, I'd be willing to try and dive in and attempt it.
  • It's not in the firmware for the block. So you want to enable a device in Live with the button? Or something else?

  • edited June 2013

    Yeah, basically I have a series of Beat Repeats mapped to various buttons on the grid, and I've set the LEDs to be lit always, but they don't turn off whenever you hit the button to enable/disable the beat repeat. So I'd like to just have the LED light turn off when I hit the button, then turn on again when I hit the button again.

    I can kind of achieve the effect by enabling local control, but the you have to keep holding the button down for the LED to stay lit instead of just pressing the button once to turn the LED on then pressing it again to turn it off.

    I was just curious if it was possible to write a script for that functionality or something since it's not available in the firmware.
  • Yes you can achieve this through scripting or a max patch. There may be someone here in the forums that can help you beyond that. I just know its possible :)

  • okay, awesome, good to know. i'll get to digging. thanks Mark!

  • Getting a bit lost trying to figure out a good starting point to accomplish what I want to do. It seems like M4L is the way to go since I'm not using the Ableton Remote script provided by Livid due to my using the Block as an FX unit in Live. I have the grid split down the middle,left side grid=mapped FX, right side grid=drum machine, in Ableton.

    Can someone recommend a good starting place for trying to write a M4L patch? I looked through the M4L API a bit, but getting some direction on what objects to start with for example, would help a lot. I'm a total n00b at M4L when it comes to making my own, so any help is appreciated.
  • I'd recommend going to the Help menu in Max, and selecting "Max for Live." There's a set of Max for Live tutorials that will make things a lot clearer:

    and give you some ideas of what you might want to explore further. If you know you want to get into the API, there's a tutorial that deals with that, plus the complete API documentation:
    Finally, you can go into your Max folder and browse
    patches/m4l-patches/LiveAPI resources
    There's a lot of abstractions and utilities in there that make use of the Live API in ways that maybe are more "plain english" than starting from scratch.

  • Good advice. Thanks Peter!

  • check this script out.this looks great!
  • Thanks Massive, I'll check it out!

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