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OhmRGB - Random Midi Notes

edited June 2013 in Hardware
So I've been battling this issue for a long time now, and I'm about to give up..

My OhmRGB is completely useless. It keeps "bombing" notes to my DAW, making it impossible to use for production. I've had it returned for repair twice now, and just got it back with the message that nothing's wrong with it, and that no repair has been done the second time. I bought it from, and now I have no clue what to do. 

Basically what happens is; I turn on the RGB and after a few minutes (it varies from 5 -20), it starts sending a lot of random notes at highspeed to my DAW or the Editor. I've tried switching from different settings in the I/O in the Editor - I even found something about the switches on the back, but nothing works. I've had the firmware updated, but dunno if it's been reset during the second repair/checkup. The first time it didn't work (the firmware update that is).  

My system is a month old re-install mac OSX 10.8, 16gb, i7, Ableton 9 Suite, M-Audio 2626 (but no midi cable, only USB)

I hope somebody can help me out, or at least tell me if I should get another unit.



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