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OHMRGB buttons that toggle on/off


We have recently purchased an OHMRGB to control stage lighting during shows. The current software we are using is Enttecc D-pro, which allows us to create ques and settings for individual or groups of lights. These presets can be stacked on top of each other or used individually. In order to stack the presets i requires toggling on the different presets in show control. We are looking for the OhmRGB to send a command that will toggle on, and keep the presets on until we hit the button again.

I have searched the forums and read through the wiki but I can't seem to find a way to have the midi notes that are being sent leave the buttons on. Many of the shows we are doing lights for run 4-5 hours and I do not want to be holding down different buttons to create the looks we are looking for.

We were previously using a traktor F-1 controller which allowed the buttons to be in toggle mode using the controller editor. I cant seem to find any such settings for the OHM RGB editor.

Any advice on how to get the buttons to switch to be a toggle button would be really helpful, including possible workarounds using Ableton or other programs.

Thanks in advance.



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