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LED Arcade button voltage for Brain v2?

edited May 2013 in Hardware


I'm currently configuring a matrix of LED arcade buttons for an interactive art installation. I'm trying to figure out which arcade buttons will be compatible with the livid brain v2. I read this blog post: and noticed that Livid used led arcade buttons from Paradise Arcade (these specifically: but was confused about voltage configuration.

There are options on the Paradise Arcade website for LED button versions with either 5v or 12v, but it doesn't mention in the blog post which one might be compatible. In general, which voltage type of LED arcade buttons would work best with the brain v2? Any help from those experienced with these types of configs would be greatly appreciated. I have an engineer friend working with me on the project but I am very novice with electronics building. Hoping to change that over the course of this project. :)



  • Thanks for your reply. So did you end up just using the 12V LED versions of the buttons then?

  • I'm trying to power these Suzo Happ LED's for my arcade buttons:

    • Forward Current: @12V (ma) — typical 18
    • Wattage: 1.68 watt
    • Luminous Intensity @12V (mcd) MIN 810 — typical 1350
    I tried powering them from Brainv2 but they apparently need more voltage / current. I tried replacing wit a weaker LED which powers up, but it is too dim for the Suzo Happ buttons.

    How can I get the Brainv2 to control on/off for these brighter LEDs? Do I need a relay to switch power?

  • Suzo happ makes a 6v LED that you can purchase and replace the 12v LED.

    Something like this:

    Make sure that this part will fit with your button!

  • Thanks for the link! The Brain wiki says "Acceptable "Forward Voltage" for LEDs 1.8V - 3.6V"

    Wouldn't the 6V one you linked be too much?
  • Ah you are correct! I was thinking back to a different project where the purpose was just to have them illuminated, not addressable. If you want to turn them on and off, you'll need to stay within the range you described.

  • Is there a way to address and set RGB LEDs for color control?

    How about changing the brightness of the LED's PWM style, so we can have some dim and some bright? Is that controllable too?

  • Yes you can send different velocities to an RGB LED to get 7 different colors. Here is some info in the wiki:

  • There is no PWM style control for brightness.

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